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Last night, I had a pretty good time at a fund raising event. It was the first actual one that I did not have to work through. Which is amazing enoughing. But to see the people there that wanted to help out the two centers that I am associated with for Teen Challenge took that to a different level.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working at events as well. We had a silent auction, live auction, a video of a missions trip that we had done and dinner. There was such an outpouring of support that I was on the verge of being choked up. It was just such an awesome thing to see.

For those that don’t know what Teen Challenge is, let me explain. Teen Challenge is a faith based “cure” for the drug epidemic. I say cure, but we don’t cure anybody. We allow God to work in those that have come to us for help.

Though drugs are not the only problem we deal with. We deal with anger, pornography, alcohol, etc. In other words life controlling problems that are overcoming people who can’t seem to shake them or are unwilling. Teen Challenge is also not subsidised by the government which means we work off of donations. Click here to go to the Teen Challenge USA website to find out more about us.

But I digress. Just to see the people there to do one thing, to have a hand in what God is doing, is something you don’t see everyday. At least I never did. But now that I work for one of these programs, I see it all the time. I see the change in young mens lives while they are with us. But the men and women that were there at the dinner were there in support and believe that God changes lives.

We have also started up another way of getting the support that we need. We have been doing storefronts. That is we have been taking items that we have made (crosses and checker boards) and selling them in front of Walmart for the past couple of months. Recently we have started up another way of getting support.

We now have a store that sells cross items and the checkerboards mentioned above. But we also sell items that have been donated to us. To check out our items click here. We also take donations at here as well.

Don’t take this as a bid for money. We also can use prayer, supplies or what ever. We covet the prayers more. But as with anything that is worthwhile we can’t just work on prayer. If you can help in anyway, it will be greatly appreciated. If you need help and nothing else has worked, we come to the Teen Challenge website.