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Only when you lose everything do you realize what you have. How many of us would actually believe that? Well that is the basis of this movie, which is based on a true story.

The Bakers seemed to be living the good life. They believed that how they looked to everyone else was everything. But when John Baker lost his job, things started to change for them. They started to lose the things that they thought were what set them on top. But little by little what they had was being taken away from them. What were they to do to keep things as “normal” as possible. John started looking for work and no one would hire him. He finally got a humiliating job a local burger joint. But it wasn’t enough.

They started to lose what they held dear to them. Through many ups and downs they realized that what they did have was enough. They had each other. They started to act like a family. They realized that they could count on each other. As they went on a journey of plenty to nothing they realized that they could even give what little they had to make other lives better. At the end they had gained more than they ever thought they would have thought possible.

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This movie is a treasure that the whole family can watch.

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Too often we feel that we can’t do anything to make our lives easier. We also think it would not be easy to do. Allyson Lewis shows that step by step by taking a few minutes you can begin to make changes in our lives.

In the book “7 minute difference: Small Steps to Big Changes” Allyson shows you how to make small changes in your day to make the changes you are looking for. She guides you in discovering what your personal purpose and passion is and how to make goals to accomplishing the change you seek. And all it takes is a few minutes at a time each day.

She also has a daily planner that you can use to help prioritize, organize and simplify your life. By prioritizing how you want to live and establishing new goals by making a simplified plan you will be able to organize your life to make he changes you seek. This planner can be used in many areas of your life such as business/work, pesonal, finances etc.

So find out how you can take seven minutes and begin to make the changes that you seek. To find out more about the book or any other resources you can go to the  7 Minute Difference website to learn more

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Why does it seem that men feel unhappy or unfulfilled? John Eldredge tackles this question in his book “Wild at Heart”. Many men feel that they are not living up to all they can be. But the problem is that society has made men “soft”. And many churches are not much better. Many churches tend to make Jesus less than he is/was and expect that the men today be the same. That is a “nice guy”.

Nice men are needed, but does that mean that there is nothing more? “Wild at Heart” focuses on this. John puts forth the argument that deep inside of all men there is someone that is trying to get out. This is a man that is looking for adventure. This is a man that is looking for a “damsel in distress”. This is a man looking for a battle to fight. John has written a book that shows us a way to get back to the adventure. Though this book is for every man, not every man is for the book. For those men that feel that they were meant for something, don’t pass this book by.

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“Immanuel’s Veins” seems to rely heavily on the Books of History Chronicles. Though it is completely stand alone. Once this book sinks it’s “teeth” into you it does not let go. The tension just builds like being on a roller coaster, then just drops you down through the various twists and turns of the ride. Then when it seems you can’t take any more, he throws more at you. Ted confronts you with a question of how far will you go to save someone close to you. After reading IV, the choice should be obvious in a way that only Ted can bring out in Story. You can’t read Immanuel’s Veins and remain untouched.
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     What is the map? The map according to author David Murrow, is what we as men are supposed to use and follow in our Christian lives. The book starts out like a thriller. With a man searching for a secret document found in the Bible. What he finds is not what he expected. What he finds is more about how we as Christian men are supposed to live. But many of us tend to stop at one point or never begin what Mr. Murrow calls our journey.

    Many of us when we get a point think that we have finally made it. What we don’t realize is that there is so much more ahead of us. We go to church and learn about the love of Christ. But is that all there is to who Christ is? Is Christ no more than someone who turned the cheek? No. He was more than that. He was tough when he had to be. He rebuked those that had to be rebuked. He showed strength of character when it was needed. We are supposed to follow Christ in all aspects of the example he was to us. If we stop at one point, we miss the most exciting part of our journey as men.

    What David Murrow does is show us the three parts of the journey that man is supposed to walk out. If you are bored with where you are at in your own personal walk with Christ then check out this book. You will see that there is more than just turning the other cheek as Christian men.

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Is this even possible to do in our world today? Are we able to live with confidence in a world that seems to change drastically from day to day? What can we do now? Dr. David Jeremiah asks these same questions. What are the answers and where can they be found? Dr. David Jeremiah looks to the only source of peace that this world has, the Bible. He gives practical steps that we can apply to be able to live in this world of chaos. The Bible gives us a firm foundation to live lives of commitment and confidence.

With simple disciplines, he reveals the hope we can have in these times of uncertainty. He gives us practical application on being able to be calm, compassionate, challenged, centered, consistent and many others. We don’t have to live in fear in todays world. We can lean on a God that has given us what we need in his word. All we have to do is follow God’s teaching. Dr. Jeremiah makes these truths easy to grab a hold of and apply. We can live with confidence and commitment in todays world if we would just focus on the teachings of the Bible.

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What is better? Knowing that our nations founding fathers did so or finding out they did so with principals taken from the Bible. How about both? A bible that has articles and quotes about our founding fathers up through today. This Bible is in the easier to read New King James Version. Throughout this Bible you find articles about various people in history who have used the bible in their daily lives. You also find articles of those who just follow the principals laid out in the Bible. The American Patriots Bible shows that our country was founded on the principals of the Bible. It also shows what verses many of our presidents stood on when they took the oath of office. Goes to show that the Bible and history go hand in hand. There is really only one downside to this Bible. It tends to show a very nationalistic view of those that are Christian. It tends to show a view that makes christianity the religion of our country. Sometimes it seems to do so by reaching for something that is not really there. But overall, this is a good bible with a decent sense of our national history included. This would work well with any collection on history.