Vampires, Zombies and the Living

Posted: 11/13/2010 in Uncategorized

I really can’t remember what I was thinking about per-se, but one thing I do remember was thinking about horror movies for some reason. Specifically I started thinking about vampires and zombies. During that time I also started thinking about those who are living in these movies. I started to think out in each one of these the vampire, the zombies, and those that are living relate to most every single person that we see. While I was thinking about these three, I came to a very interesting conclusion.

I will off with the most obvious one in my opinion, zombies. Zombies have one thing in common with only one other group here and that’s the vampire. The one thing that zombies and vampires have in common is that they’re dead. Beyond that they begin to differ.

Zombies, I would say their path probably not as bad off as the vampires for one reason. You see what I came up with was this, zombies are dead and they don’t know it. And most are movies and TV shows that show on these they have one thing that are basically throughout the whole deal, their dead and they don’t know it. They stumble, stagger, and shuffle their way throughout the movie.

I started to think about how this might relate to some people. There many people that are dead and they just don’t realize it and they don’t seem to care. These people stumble, stagger, and shuffle their way throughout life. It seems like all their working on is instinct. They just seem to live from day to day. They don’t seem to have much to life. Seems like they are only able to get just the very basics, the minimum they need for day to day.

Vampires though dead seem to be even more dangerous than the zombies. Where the zombies are dead and don’t know it, the vampires are fully aware that their dead and they don’t care. They come in and suck you dry and then they leave. They tend to leave destruction behind them. It seems they try to take as many people down with them as they can. All they are concerned about is themselves and no one else. Their whole purpose seems to be just getting what they can and then just leaving.

Again, there seem to be many people that are that way. They come in and act like they care, but their only concerned about themselves. No matter where they go their main goal is to see what they can get out of somebody. They come in, they suck you dry, and then they leave. And it seems that no matter what destruction is left behind it’s not their problem, it’s yours.

The third group, are the ones that are fully alive. Unlike the zombies, they don’t just shuffle from day to day. They try to get the most out of life no matter what. They get up and “seize the day”. Each day is a different adventure to explore. Each day is new, vibrant, and alive.

And those that are alive are definitely not like the vampires. They’re not worried about just themselves. They actually care about the other person. They’re genuine about your welfare. They’ll stick by you and help you no matter what. They won’t leave when things get tough. You can count on them no matter what.

Not at times yes, you can actually see this. But for the vampire and the zombies it’s even more dangerous when you consider that this is the spiritual condition as well. Because, spiritually many of us are just like zombies. I kind of liken zombies to those who are rich. Now I am just using the rich as an example and not as rule of thumb. Simply because there are those who are not rich that have the same mentality. I’m talking about those who seem to be blessed of one particular area. This results in the fact that they don’t have any problem, or so we say. And because of this, they don’t think they need anything or anyone else. But truth be told they are missing something.

Then you have those people who had the very thing that the zombie is missing but they’ve lost it. They lose it for are many reasons. Death in the family, loss of a job, loss of home or vehicle, or for various other reasons. And now because their miserable, they are going to try to make everyone else’s life miserable was well. They see someone else that is the longer than them they tried to get a little piece of that or all of it and leave the path of destruction behind them. And while we try to give them the very thing they have lost, they berate or laugh at us. They try to tell us that we need to get rid of the crutch we are carrying with us.

Than those that are alive have found the very thing and they’ve kept it no matter what is happening for lives. And that thing I’m talking about is Christ. And again, there are many that don’t have Christ in their lives should all have a relationship and they still seem to find a way to enjoy every day. But even so, their lives can be so much better they just had Christ. Because those who have a relationship with god and Christ and the holy spirit the sock everything unless they can get they enjoy it. They wake up and they “seize the day”. They don’t back down from whatever the day holds for them.

Those of us that have found that relationship with Christ are supposed to go to the zombies and the vampires to resurrect them. Sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s very hard. But that is where the adventure comes in. Because we never know what we will come up against. But we have to try anyway. We have learned to lean on Christ and we’re not about to back down no matter what.


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