Homeless For the Holidays

Posted: 11/03/2010 in Reviews
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Only when you lose everything do you realize what you have. How many of us would actually believe that? Well that is the basis of this movie, which is based on a true story.

The Bakers seemed to be living the good life. They believed that how they looked to everyone else was everything. But when John Baker lost his job, things started to change for them. They started to lose the things that they thought were what set them on top. But little by little what they had was being taken away from them. What were they to do to keep things as “normal” as possible. John started looking for work and no one would hire him. He finally got a humiliating job a local burger joint. But it wasn’t enough.

They started to lose what they held dear to them. Through many ups and downs they realized that what they did have was enough. They had each other. They started to act like a family. They realized that they could count on each other. As they went on a journey of plenty to nothing they realized that they could even give what little they had to make other lives better. At the end they had gained more than they ever thought they would have thought possible.

To learn more about this movie go to: http://www.homelessfortheholidaysmovie.com
This movie is a treasure that the whole family can watch.

This movie was supplied for reviewing purposes by BuzzBlogger regardless of the review given.


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