How do you make changes in your life? In 7 minutes.

Posted: 10/27/2010 in Reviews
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Too often we feel that we can’t do anything to make our lives easier. We also think it would not be easy to do. Allyson Lewis shows that step by step by taking a few minutes you can begin to make changes in our lives.

In the book “7 minute difference: Small Steps to Big Changes” Allyson shows you how to make small changes in your day to make the changes you are looking for. She guides you in discovering what your personal purpose and passion is and how to make goals to accomplishing the change you seek. And all it takes is a few minutes at a time each day.

She also has a daily planner that you can use to help prioritize, organize and simplify your life. By prioritizing how you want to live and establishing new goals by making a simplified plan you will be able to organize your life to make he changes you seek. This planner can be used in many areas of your life such as business/work, pesonal, finances etc.

So find out how you can take seven minutes and begin to make the changes that you seek. To find out more about the book or any other resources you can go to the  7 Minute Difference website to learn more

The 7 Minute Difference and the 7 Minute Daily Planner were received for review without promise of gain regardless of my views.


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