For Men Who Are Looking For More

Posted: 10/20/2010 in Reviews

Why does it seem that men feel unhappy or unfulfilled? John Eldredge tackles this question in his book “Wild at Heart”. Many men feel that they are not living up to all they can be. But the problem is that society has made men “soft”. And many churches are not much better. Many churches tend to make Jesus less than he is/was and expect that the men today be the same. That is a “nice guy”.

Nice men are needed, but does that mean that there is nothing more? “Wild at Heart” focuses on this. John puts forth the argument that deep inside of all men there is someone that is trying to get out. This is a man that is looking for adventure. This is a man that is looking for a “damsel in distress”. This is a man looking for a battle to fight. John has written a book that shows us a way to get back to the adventure. Though this book is for every man, not every man is for the book. For those men that feel that they were meant for something, don’t pass this book by.

This book was received for review, free, from Book Sneeze. (A part of Thomas Nelson Publishing)


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