The Map by David Murrow

Posted: 04/14/2010 in Reviews
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     What is the map? The map according to author David Murrow, is what we as men are supposed to use and follow in our Christian lives. The book starts out like a thriller. With a man searching for a secret document found in the Bible. What he finds is not what he expected. What he finds is more about how we as Christian men are supposed to live. But many of us tend to stop at one point or never begin what Mr. Murrow calls our journey.

    Many of us when we get a point think that we have finally made it. What we don’t realize is that there is so much more ahead of us. We go to church and learn about the love of Christ. But is that all there is to who Christ is? Is Christ no more than someone who turned the cheek? No. He was more than that. He was tough when he had to be. He rebuked those that had to be rebuked. He showed strength of character when it was needed. We are supposed to follow Christ in all aspects of the example he was to us. If we stop at one point, we miss the most exciting part of our journey as men.

    What David Murrow does is show us the three parts of the journey that man is supposed to walk out. If you are bored with where you are at in your own personal walk with Christ then check out this book. You will see that there is more than just turning the other cheek as Christian men.

This was reviewed for Thomas Nelson Publishing through BookSneeze.


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