Living Confidently in Today’s World

Posted: 02/16/2010 in Reviews
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Is this even possible to do in our world today? Are we able to live with confidence in a world that seems to change drastically from day to day? What can we do now? Dr. David Jeremiah asks these same questions. What are the answers and where can they be found? Dr. David Jeremiah looks to the only source of peace that this world has, the Bible. He gives practical steps that we can apply to be able to live in this world of chaos. The Bible gives us a firm foundation to live lives of commitment and confidence.

With simple disciplines, he reveals the hope we can have in these times of uncertainty. He gives us practical application on being able to be calm, compassionate, challenged, centered, consistent and many others. We don’t have to live in fear in todays world. We can lean on a God that has given us what we need in his word. All we have to do is follow God’s teaching. Dr. Jeremiah makes these truths easy to grab a hold of and apply. We can live with confidence and commitment in todays world if we would just focus on the teachings of the Bible.

This book was received for review by Thomas Nelson Publishing.


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