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Sometimes I think that we humans are lucky. With the choices that we sometimes make, I wonder why I even get out of bed. I work with a group of teenagers that can practically make the point for me. (Couldn’t any group of teenagers do that though.)

One of our guys was going to be going on a missions trip in a couple of weeks. Due to some poor choices, he is now not going to be able to go. So what does he do? He digs himself in deeper by making even poorer choices. This does not make sense to me. But that is what we all do to one degree or another. We have something practically placed in our lap and we throw it on the ground. (Not really.) Sometimes through the choices we make, we lose what we are really wanting. Then we begin to act out, pout or what ever. We point to others and say the fault is theirs.

In one place that I lived, a previous staff member there went out and disobeyed the rules. One of the other staff members called him on it though not really knowing the situation. Well found out the previous staff member went to one of those seedy motels to do drugs. Because of the choice he made, he had to leave the property. He proceeded to slice up a chair and cut the plug off of the tv cord.

To me this says that because I messed up and you found me out, I am going to take out on someone else by denying them the use of this chair and tv. Does this make sense to you? Not to me, either. Though this is what we tend to do and what this young man is doing. Maybe not slicing a chair or cutting the plug off of the end of the cord. But he is upset about not being able to go on the missions trip due to poor choices. And so it is everyone else’s fault and not his.

I can almost imagine this happening at the same time, everywhere. There would be mass anarchy because what has happened is not my fault, but yours. So therefore I am going to take it out on you. I am glad this does not happen. Where was I going with this? I am not sure now. Maybe just a rant. Maybe a way to clear my head, some. I don’t know. But I now get to deal with this again tonight at work. *Sigh*


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