The American Patriots Bible (New Kings James Version)

Posted: 10/06/2009 in Reviews
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What is better? Knowing that our nations founding fathers did so or finding out they did so with principals taken from the Bible. How about both? A bible that has articles and quotes about our founding fathers up through today. This Bible is in the easier to read New King James Version. Throughout this Bible you find articles about various people in history who have used the bible in their daily lives. You also find articles of those who just follow the principals laid out in the Bible. The American Patriots Bible shows that our country was founded on the principals of the Bible. It also shows what verses many of our presidents stood on when they took the oath of office. Goes to show that the Bible and history go hand in hand. There is really only one downside to this Bible. It tends to show a very nationalistic view of those that are Christian. It tends to show a view that makes christianity the religion of our country. Sometimes it seems to do so by reaching for something that is not really there. But overall, this is a good bible with a decent sense of our national history included. This would work well with any collection on history.


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