For The Tough Times: Reaching Toward Heaven for Hope by Max Lucado

Posted: 10/06/2009 in Reviews
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The book starts with a question. When all that is good falls apart what can good people do? (Psalm 11:3) We all tend to ask this same question. The good thing about this is that we are in good company. This question was posed by David. But we all ask this question or one similar when the tough times come. I am sure some of the most noteworthy people asked the same question. Joseph, Noah, Solomon and so on.

This book answers the question simply. Good people can do nothing apart from God. We need to remember that no matter what the tough times are that we go through, there is one source we need to look to. That is the throne of God. He has things in control even when what we see does not say that. We should be reaching towards heaven for hope when things look hopeless. Why? Because when we pray, we are heard no matter what. This what this book is about. When things are out of our control, they are not out of God’s. He still has and will have things under His control. That is the promise and what “For the Tough Times” reminds us. We are not without hope.


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