Christianity in Crisis: The 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff

Posted: 10/06/2009 in Reviews
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What do some of the greatest Bible teachers that we know, have in common? A heresy known as the faith movement. Or as it is sometimes known as the name it/claim it theology. Hank Hanegraaff points out that some of our greatest biblical teachers (Osteen, Meyers, TD Jakes, etc.) preach this error. He cites many examples in their teaching and uses scripture to back up his message. Many of these preachers teach a prosperity type of message. I will admit that I like(d) many of these teachers and preachers.

One of the first things that Hank does is take the many different forms of this type of teaching and uses a story to show the heresy. These teachings say that God has his hands tied and that we have to give Him permission to do anything on earth. He even sites a vision that one of these teachers had where Satan came to interrupt the meeting between them and Jesus. They had to “chase” the devil off because Jesus couldn’t have done it himself. Or so this “Jesus” claimed to them.

These same teachers have added to the heresy started by Kenneth Hagin. They say that man could have done what only God could do. Namely redeem mankind to Himself. They make God out to be less, at on the same level as man and that man is more. That faith is a force that can be manipulated. That God is nothing more than a cosmic butler to do our bidding.

Hanegraaff’s book is filled to overflowing with information on this movement that is eroding away the very foundation that we need to stand. There is so much more that one small review cannot contain it all. Get the book and prepare yourself for the truth.


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